Hollywood Sex Scenes - The secrets behind the steamiest scenes

Hollywood Sex Scenes – The secrets behind the steamiest scenes

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Hollywood Sex Scenes – Shooting a sex scene is not as fun as you think

Ever wondered how Hollywood records those sexiest scenes? We have a few answers revealing the secrets of shooting highly sexual contents. Here are the secrets behind those scenes.

1. Wild Things
Wild Things Hollywood Sex Scenes
Remember that epic threesome in the Wild Things? Although it is no stranger to porn stars, the actor and the actresses involved in that scene found it way too difficult. Solution? All three of them swallowed a few tequila shots to get into that tipsy mood required for that famous shot.

2. Titanic
Titanic Hollywood Sex Scenes
Who can forget Kate Winslet, lying on a sofa naked, posing for a portrait in Titanic? Don’t get disappointed, it was Kate for real whom you have seen on screen. However, the secret is that it wasn’t DiCaprio, who sketched her heavenly skin, it was the director James Cameron who actually sketched her in that glorious state.

3. Swordfish
Swordfish Hollywood Sex Scenes
No tricks or petty secrets here. Halle Berry was just required to be paid $500,000 extra in order to go topless in Swordfish. Can’t believe they paid her that much for an extra bit of skin? Watch the movie again, and you must agree.

4. Superbad
Superbad Hollywood Sex Scenes
Remember Fogell? It was played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who were 17 at that time. As he was under aged, the production team required his mother present on the set while shooting those raunchy shots of the movie. Let us just praise the guts of Christopher and the broadness of mind of his mother.

5. Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain Hollywood Sex Scenes
It isn’t so difficult for Michelle Williams to get down to her skin and give a shot in front of the camera. However, it was difficult even for her to feel the character who just found out that her partner was interested in another man. So, what she did? She requested her male co-actors, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal to kiss each other in front of her! You remember the shot was good, don’t you?

6. Basic Instinct
Basic Instinct Hollywood Sex Scenes
There are no particular secrets in this scene we are talking about. Remember Sharon Stone sits in a chair with a smoke in his hand? Yeah, that’s right, she was covered in white all over. However, what happens afterwards. Yes, the thing for what you have almost broke your remote’s pause button. The shot was pretty straightforward, if you know what I mean, but got it covered in our list as our most replayed sexual scenes of Hollywood.

7. American Pie
American Pie Hollywood Sex Scenes
Remember Jason Biggs always having an erection in American Pie? Well, it wasn’t his dick that you have seen in the movie, rather a pencil put right through a cooked sausage which was then put under the Biggs pants after wrapping it with an aluminum foil. Intelligent, eh?

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