Girl Groups – The famous outfits of group seduction


25 sexiest outfits worn by famous girl groups

Who doesn’t know the Spice Girls? Yes, that’s right! There isn’t anybody. The British pop band, albeit a band of five hot girls, rose to the peak of popularity, partially for their music and mostly for their unbelievably coordinated group outfits. And they weren’t alone, as groups like Little Mix, Destiny’s Child would tell you. You like a girl alone with you, I give you that. However, what about a group of girls, all wearing steamy outfits that were carefully planned beforehand to look like a team, stands at your service? Would you still prefer a single girl with you? Answer after you watch these scintillating photos of amazing coordinated girl group outfits.


TLC’s T-Boz

TLC's T-Boz 2 (1995) Girl Groups

TLC's T-Boz (1999) Girl Groups


The Supremes

The Supremes 2 (1968) Girl Groups

The Supremes (1968) Girl Groups


The Dixie Chicks (1999)

The Dixie Chicks (1999) Girl Groups


Spice Girls

Spice Girls 3 (1998) Girl Groups

Spice Girls 2 (1998) Girl Groups

Spice Girls (2007) Girl Groups


Pussycat Dolls (2009)

Pussycat Dolls (2009) Girl Groups


Little Mix (2011)

Little Mix (2011) Girl Groups


Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud 2 (2012) Girl Groups

Girls Aloud (2013) Girl Groups


Fifth Harmony (2014)

Fifth Harmony (2014) Girl Groups


En Vogue (1992)

En Vogue (1992) Girl Group


Destiny’s Child

Destiny's Child with Beyonce (2001) Girl Group

Destiny's Child 3 (2001) Girl Group

Destiny's Child 2 (2001) Girl Group

Destiny's Child (2001) Girl Group


Cheetah Girls (2006)

Cheetah Girls (2006) Girl Group


Bananarama (1984)

Bananarama (1984) Girl Group


2NE1 (2010)

2NE1 (2010) Girl Group

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