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Find out how voice tone can increase the importance of words, Classic Forrest conversation with Mr. President or Take a challenge if you are worthy of it – etc many more top posts from Movies & TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff


Stars Landed On Earth, Exclusive Premiere

#MockingjayPremiere in London – November 10th, 2014

The Hunger Games

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Voice Tone Can Increase The Importance, Solid Example

“Lily. Lovely Lily. She was exceedingly bright…Your mother was one of my absolute favorites. Look, there she is…right at the front.” – Slughorn

Harry Potter

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Amazing Looks, Expected To Change The Whole Concept

Impressive. Most Impressive. Get a first look at Alex Ross’ variant cover for Star Wars: Darth Vader #1, coming soon from Marvel!

Star Wars

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Olympus Has Fallen, Doesn’t Matter To Scrat

Not even the secret service can stop Scrat.

Ice Age Movies

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Classic Forrest, Conversation With Mr. President

John F. Kennedy: “Congratulations, how do you feel?”
Forrest: “I gotta pee.”

Forrest Gump

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Mysterious or Broken Compass? Doesn’t Matter, Jack Follows

This compass always points toward adventure.

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Character Creation Work, Mastermind

Game of Thrones
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Challenge For The True Breaking Bad Fans

How’d you do?

Breaking Bad

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Insanity Mixes With Illusions, Hilarious!!

Who needs med school when you got Wifi?


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Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed, Proved Wrong Here

Dale and Saul… best of friends!

Pineapple Express

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