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Read about some upcoming apps to play & stickers to enhance your net surfing, Epic fight from where people have much to learn or Find the beauty inside small things & simplicity, it can enrich your views and heart – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff


Enhance Your Chatting Experience

A picture is worth a thousand words… Download & use the #Mockingjay Part 1 sticker pack, now on the Facebook Messenger Sticker Store!

The Hunger Games

Likes: 20,005+ | Shares: 1,469+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Always There Are People To Stop

“Oh no, boy. You and that bloody pigeon aren’t going anywhere!” – Uncle Vernon

Harry Potter

Likes: 208,412+ | Shares: 1,336+ | Source: Harry Potter


Contest On The Verge Of Finishing

Discover the compelling backstories of the characters you voted for! Submit your Screenplay Outline NOW at!

The Twilight Saga

Likes: 18,999+ | Shares: 1,011+ | Source: The Twilight Saga


New App Coming On, Stay Tuned

Thanks to his time with, Scrat‘s working on the next big app: Clash of Acorns.
For #GivingTuesday, support, a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science.

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 12,191+ | Shares: 830+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Beauty, A Word That Can Be Defined In Many Ways

Enjoy the simple beauty around you.


Likes: 84,597+ | Shares: 4,319+ | Source: Avatar


Characters That Changed The View Of Mass People

“Papoy!” -The Minions

Despicable Me

Likes: 84,761+ | Shares: 5,406+ | Source: Despicable Me


World Is At End, Visions Can Only Save

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.


Likes: 10,004+ | Shares: 1,601+ | Source: 2012


Speaking The People’s Mind As Always

YES! The holidays are almost here!


Likes: 30,391+ | Shares: 880+ | Source: Megamind


That Moment Before An Epic Fight

“You just made a serious mistake.” – Batman
“Not as serious as yours, I fear…” – Bane

Batman The Dark Knight

Likes: 30,550+ | Shares: 3,985+ | Source: Batman: The Dark Knight


Mind Control, Nation Captured

“Fear and wonder – a powerful combination” – Gracchus


Likes: 49,243+ | Shares: 2,053+ | Source: Gladiator


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