The Inner Thoughts of Transformers and Get The Latest on Avengers: Age of Ultron - Movies Briff

The Inner Thoughts of Transformers and Get The Latest on Avengers: Age of Ultron – Movies Briff

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Meet The New Celebrity Kate Dunn, Lot of News on Movie Contests, Be The Captain Jack Sparrow or Read About An Emotional Good Bye etc many more today on Movies Briff

The Hunger Games: Kate Dunn The New Celebrity

Congratulations Kate Dunn! Her stunning digital portraits of Finnick Odair earned her a spot as our Hunger Games Fan of the Week!
Submit your creations and apply to be Fan of the Week at:
The Hunger Games
Likes: 12,393+ | Shares: 405+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Star Wars: General Knowledge

Did You Know?
Star Wars
Likes: 7,565+ | Shares: 264+ | Source: Star Wars

Transformers: Inner Thoughts

#TRANS4MERS — Behind-The-Scenes
Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz have a special message and behind-the-scenes preview just for you!
Likes: 16,467+ | Shares: 5,544+ | Source: Transformers

Be The Captain Jack Sparrow

Arrr you prepared to talk like a pirate today?
Pirates of the Carribean
Likes: 19,673+ | Shares: 725+ | Source: Pirates of the Carribean

Take The Challenge And Win

Calling all the dragon riders – make sure to enter our #HTTYDPlay sweepstakes for a chance to win some How to Train Your Dragon prizes!
How to Train Your Dragon
Likes: 3,662+ | Shares: 52+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon

Toy Story Revealing Disney

Operation: Pixar is a go.
Toy Story
Likes: 7,05+ | Shares: 307+ | Source: Toy Story

X-Men Movies: Do You Have Something Special? Join Us

Have you ever wondered if you have a secret mutation? The Tandem Initiative is now performing free genome sequencing on lucky applicants. #XMen #WeAreGifted
X-Men Movies
Likes: 1,768+ | Shares: 72+ | Source: X-Men Movies

Avengers: All In One Frame

The official synopsis is out for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and we’ve got it for you right here:
Likes: 32,393+ | Shares: 1,924+ | Source: Avengers

Alice In Wonderland: Emotional Good Bye

“Farewell, Alice. Perhaps I will see you in another life.”
Alice in Wonderland
Likes: 35,423+ | Shares: 859+ | Source: Alice In Wonderland

Kung Fu Panda on Dream Works TV

Poor Po! Watch his very important PSA about dumplings on DreamWorksTV:
Kung Fu Panda
Likes: 17,930+ | Shares: 323+ | Source: Kung Fu Panda

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