White Turns Dark and Danger Behind Beauty - Movies Briff

White Turns Dark and Danger Behind Beauty – Movies Briff

The World Is Yours If You Are On A Wrongful Path But Not For Long, Lifestyle Lazy People Would Be Jealous About or Searching For Roots Are Essential Duty For All, If You Don’t Know, This Question Will Haunt You Until You Explore – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff

Lazy People Would Envy To Be One

Livin the sloth life.
Ice Age Movies
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Question-Answer Event, Ask Anything

Join us on Monday, November 17th for a Facebook Fan Event! Submit your questions for the cast using hashtag #AskMockingjay in the comments below, OR on Instagram video!
The Hunger Games
Likes: 12,401+ | Shares: 1,042+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Seems Like Mr. President Giving A Speech

“Those books on Andy’s shelf sure look familiar.”
Toy Story
Likes: 12,288+ | Shares: 1,479+ | Source: Toy Story

Be Aware! Danger Hides Behind The Beauty

As the night sky gets darker, Pandora’s beauty shines brighter.
Likes: 57,133+ | Shares: 1,944+ | Source: Avatar

Searching For Roots Are Essential Duty For All

“How do I say this? Where did I come from?”
Kung Fu Panda
Likes: 25,184+ | Shares: 1,588+ | Source: Kung Fu Panda

Typical Expression Used To Scare Others

What do you think this classic scare is called?
Monsters, Inc.
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Copper Drains Power, What An Idea!!

“What kind of trickery is this?”
Likes: 19,436+ | Shares: 1,158+ | Source: Megamind

Both Are Hilarious, Select Your One

Which of Mater’s Tall Tales is your favorite?
Likes: 27,564+ | Shares: 2,824+ | Source: Cars

The World Is Yours, Not For Long

Snow mang!
Likes: 25,438+ | Shares: 12,814+ | Source: Scarface™

White Knight Turns Into A Dark One, Dreams Broken

“You know that day that you once told me about, when Gotham would no longer need Batman? It’s coming.” -Bruce
Batman The Dark Knight
Likes: 36,618+ | Shares: 1,047+ | Source: Batman: The Dark Knight

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