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Do You Know That Losing Home is a Bruise You Can Never Heal, Find Out An Eternal Love Story or GetTo know Who Should Be Excited For Decades – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff


Losing Home is a Bruise You Can Never Heal

Remembering the home he lost in the ruins of District 12, Gale Hawthorne. #Mockingjay

The Hunger Games

Likes: 32,682+ | Shares: 700+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Eternal Love Story

Jamie & Landon

A Walk To Remember

Likes: 563,930+ | Shares: 9,885+ | Source: A Walk To Remember


Knowledge Tester From Star Wars

Star Wars

Likes: 11,507+ | Shares: 721+ | Source: Star Wars


Do You Envy Dan Nueman? Follow The Steps

Congrats to Dan Nueman on being this week’s ULTIMATE #TRANS4MERS FAN! Check out that toy collection! For next week’s challenge, submit your best fan art at:


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Mutant Contest Running On. Show Your Worth

Thanks to Zach and his special lungs, the Tandem initiative was able to come one step closer to mapping the “mutant” genome. For more information on how to be like Zach, look here: #WeAreGifted

X-Men Movies

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Quick Question, Flawless Answer

This is why we love our fans! You guys are on it – Astrid won the sheep toss game in How to Train Your Dragon 2! #HTTYDTrivia

How to Train Your Dragon

Likes: 4,888+ | Shares: 27+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon


Follow Them To The ICEBERG

You’ve got two tickets to the gun show.


Likes: 28,079+ | Shares: 939+ | Source: IceAge


Your Favorite Music Track

♫ Strange things are happenin’ to me. ♫

Toy Story

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Avengers Featured To Show Something Special

Fans, tune in to Jeopardy! tonight to see the Avengers featured in a special category!


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Half Decade is Nothing. They’ll Be Excited For Some Decades

6 years later. Still excited.

Step Brothers

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