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Read The Story Of What Happened Before The How To Train Your Dragons 2, Get To Know How Palpatine Coming To Master Your Main & Your World or Meet The Warrior Rebel Cressida From Mockingjay – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff


Meet The Rebel Cressida

The rebel warrior with a vision… Cressida. #Mockingjay

The Hunger Games

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Palpatine Coming To Master Your World

Star Wars

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Fast & Furious: Times You Cannot Ignore

There’s always time to share a laugh with your family.
Photo credit: Tyrese Gibson. #FastFamily #FF7

Fast & Furious

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Lightstorm Entertainment Not Only Helping, But Also Taking Inspiration

Lightstorm Entertainment, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, hosted 18-year old Sammy Basso who suffers from the rare disease: progeria, a severe form of premature aging.
Sammy proved to be an inspiration to everyone at Lightstorm including James Cameron and his crew (pictured below).


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X-Men Movies: Behind The Scene Special Effects

Ever wonder how Mystique changes shape or Magneto lifts a baseball stadium? Get a behind the scenes look at #XMen special effects:

X-Men Movies

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Eye-Catching Ceremony In Chinese Theatre

Transformers Wheel Printing Ceremony
Check out the photos from the wheel printing ceremony for Optimus Prime and Peter Cullen at the TCL Chinese Theatre! #OptimusInHollywood


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Top 17 Bad Guys Ranked By Disney

These bad guys are frightful enough to make a fish go belly up.

Finding Nemo

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Ways To Avoid The Unwanted Person

10 Surefire Ways To Avoid Anyone Who Won’t Leave You Alone… courtesy of Shrek on DreamWorksTV:


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Pre-How to Train Your Dragon 2 Story, Must Read For Fans

To Tame A Titan! Part 6
(These events take place before HTTYD 2. This is the last chapter! To read the whole story, visit:

How to Train Your Dragon

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Good News For The Step Up Fans, Pre-order

#StepUpAllIn is coming to Digital HD on October 21st and Blu-ray and DVD November 4th. Pre-order your copy today.

Step Up Movie

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