Melancholy Super Villain and An Precious Oath – Movies Briff

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Read about an worthy lesson about pity taught to Harry Potter, Super villain is useless without the super hero, really incomplete or a joke from Sid – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff


Oath Precious Than Life, Oath of Mockingjay

“I am. I will.” #TheMockingjayLives

The Hunger Games

Likes: 30,084+ | Shares: 1,696+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Worthy Lesson About Pity Taught

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living. And above all, pity those that live without love.” – Dumbledore

Harry Potter

Likes: 838,537+ | Shares: 39,242+ | Source: Harry Potter


Classic Symbol of Wisdom & Virtue

Lot of it, he has.

Star Wars

Likes: 26,172+ | Shares: 3,377+ | Source: Star Wars


Sid’s Humor, Epic Character Indeed

“Sleeping comes so naturally to me I could do it with my eyes closed!”

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 20,587+ | Shares: 7,313+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


19 Years of Successful Journey, Time Flies

Toy Story came to theaters on this month in 1995.

Toy Story

Likes: 231,797+ | Shares: 15,072+ | Source: Toy Story


Life Is At Stake, Very Risky Journey Indeed

May the journey to your Hometree be a safe one.


Likes: 63,674+ | Shares: 3,188+ | Source: Avatar


Too Much Love Always Creates Problem

Donkey loves waffles…maybe a little TOO much!


Likes: 68,885+ | Shares: 1,439+ | Source: Shrek


Surely Better Captain Than Other Two

Every crew needs a captain.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Likes: 100,021+ | Shares: 2,111+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean


Life Is Either A Dream or A Nightmare Which We Can’t Control

“Still believe this is a dream, do you?”

Alice in Wonderland

Likes: 51,161+ | Shares: 1,846+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland


Incomplete Life of Super Villain Without Super Hero

“Why do I feel so… melan-choly.”


Likes: 17,807+ | Shares: 1,206+ | Source: Megamind


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