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Find out the cutest baby name for your child, Get the latest update on exclusive trailer of the new Star Wars or Read about the transformation of life, doesn’t matter what you do, there is always room to recover it & better late than never – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff


Intro To Generate Deserved Respect

“And now…our friends from the north! Please greet the proud sons of Durmstrang!” – Dumbledore

Harry Potter

Likes: 269,038+ | Shares: 3,301+ | Source: Harry Potter


Star Wars Trailer Out, Take A Look

Head to iTunes Trailers for the exclusive digital debut of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser. #StarWars

Star Wars

Likes: 40,804+ | Shares: 15,951+ | Source: Star Wars


Disney Names For Your Baby, Smart Choice

Here comes the baby smolder:


Likes: 24,701+ | Shares: 1,024+ | Source: Tangled


Friends To Celebrate The Day With

We’re thankful for friendship – in all shapes and sizes. Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Train Your Dragon

Likes: 42,732+ | Shares: 1,323+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon


Revolutionary Mockingjay Gives Worthy Idea

Spend the day with Panem’s best shopper. #Mockingjay Part 1, NOW PLAYING! | TIX:

The Hunger Games

Likes: 21,517+ | Shares: 448+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Acorn Always More Precious Than Life

What do you think happened to Scrat in this photo?

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 4,278+ | Shares: 2,526+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Thanksgiving or Slaughtering Day?

Happy thanksgiving from Illumination Entertainment and the Minions

Despicable Me

Likes: 194,646+ | Shares: 78,536+ | Source: Despicable Me


Impossible Is An Obsolete Word For Them

“Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.” – Alice Kingsleigh

Alice in Wonderland

Likes: 16,060+ | Shares: 2,070+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland


Difficult Path Can Be Overcomed By The Determination

You can navigate rough waters with a little inspiration. See more original art here:

Pirates of the Caribbean

Likes: 35,770+ | Shares: 3,545+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean


Doesn’t Matter What You Do, Recover Before The End

“Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation”. Happy Thanksgiving.

Eat Pray Love

Likes: 46,857+ | Shares: 6,205+ | Source: Eat Pray Love


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