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Mockingjay wait is over & read about the dates, Race can’t lock a righteous person to choose or Breaking Bad coming back – updates from Movies and TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff


Dreams Are Valued Highly in Harry Potter

“What about Potter? Should he be warned?” – Snape
“Perhaps, but for now, let him sleep. For in dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own.” – Dumbledore

Harry Potter

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Wait Will End Soon, Show Your Hunger

Fire burns brighter in TWO weeks! Get your #MockingjayTickets TODAY at Hungrgam.es/MockingjayTix!

The Hunger Games

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Worst Sword Choreography, But Classic Movie, No Doubt

#ThrowbackThursday – No, Ben! No! Beeeen!

Star Wars

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Race Can’t Lock A Righteous Person

“Ngenga Na’viyä luyu hapxì.”
(You are part of The People.)


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Movie That Can Change The Angle of Vision

The world will never seem the same once you’ve seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump. https://bit.ly/1qVrbKJ

Forrest Gump

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Lady That Can Lead Tony Montana

Be a boss lady


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Eat At Your Risk

By the way don’t eat the yellow snow. : )

Buddy The Elf

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Future Attacking, Watch To Get The Way Out

Homer and Bender: not your typical bromance. The Simpsons face the future THIS Sunday!

The Simpsons

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One of The many Super Character From Supernatural

No one argues Dean Winchester, with Dean Winchester. You don’t want to miss #Supernatural’s 200th episode this Tuesday!


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All Hail The King, Coming Back

Are we excited it’s Friday? You’re goddamn right we are.

Breaking Bad

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