Explore Severe Threats and Batkid Saved The Day - Movies Briff

Explore Severe Threats and Batkid Saved The Day – Movies Briff

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No one can deny baby panda & a crazy guy, for different reasons really, find out why, Read about 13 years of Monsters or learn a worthy hobby which can provide you with Magical Peace Inside – etc many more Top News from Movies and TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff

Creative Halloween Contest Winners Unveiled

The Hunger Games – Halloween 2014 (8 photos)
Congratulations to our Hunger Games Halloween costume contest winners! Explore the album and see their awesome entries!
The Hunger Games
Likes: 45,245+ | Shares: 1,487+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Nothing Can Satisfy T-Rex

Parenting with a T-Rex. Not an easy task.
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 62,762+ | Shares: 4,169+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

No One Can Deny This Cute Baby Panda

Wanna take a wok with me?
Kung Fu Panda
Likes: 68,631+ | Shares: 1,481+ | Source: Kung Fu Panda

Angry Car Making A Severe Threat

“I vant to siphon your gas!”
Likes: 32,869+ | Shares: 1,355+ | Source: Cars

13 Years Passed, Popular Monster Ruling Still

The scream of the crop first came to theatres on this day in 2001
Monsters, Inc.
Likes: 33,912+ | Shares: 1,071+ | Source: Monsters, Inc.

Batkid, The Hero Saved The Day

Thank you Batkid. You are the hero San Francisco needs and deserves.
Your biggest fan,
The Dark Knight Rises
Likes: 40,713+ | Shares: 5,509+ | Source: The Dark Knight Rises

Facts That No One Knew About The Notebook

The Notebook owes much of its success to *(the fans on) Facebook.
The Notebook
Likes: 81,034+ | Shares: 3,899+ | Source: The Notebook

Worthy Hobby, Provides Magical Peace Inside

What is on your life’s to-do list?
A Walk To Remember
Likes: 142,935+ | Shares: 3,867+ | Source: A Walk To Remember

Noble Move Which Can Inspire Many To Raise Their Voice

Rally the realm against bullying. #SpiritDay
Photocred: instagram.com/gameofthrones
Game of Thrones
Likes: 53,553+ | Shares: 2,092+ | Source: Game of Thrones

Epic Act, Different Techniques Everytime

Don’t worry, he’s got this totally under control.

Likes: 119,552+ | Shares: 8,141+ | Source: House

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