Revolutionary Sounds and Nervousness Swallowing – Movies Briff

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Get to know the concept changing love story, Learn about life which is a race itself, how to win it or Take a look at the values very few people see, but after seeing, no one can ignore – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff


Influential Sounds That Accelerated Revolution

What’s your favorite song on The Hunger Games: #Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack? | Buy the soundtrack at

The Hunger Games

Likes: 17,519+ | Shares: 839+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Values, Not Everyone Understands

“He was amazing, though, Richard; he was amazing. And the thing I think I learned most from Richard is to never, never stop having a sense of humor.” – Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter

Likes: 257,305+ | Shares: 2,975+ | Source: Harry Potter


View Changing Love Story, Different Concept Really

How did Carlisle and Esme meet? Discover the beginnings of the Cullen clan… Screenplay Outline Submissions close in 3 hours at!

The Twilight Saga

Likes: 27,550+ | Shares: 1,484+ | Source: The Twilight Saga


Better Late Than Never, Watch ASAP

You haven’t seen Ice Age Collection yet? Manny, Diego, and Sid can’t believe it. Turn Diego’s frown upside-down and go see the movie!

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 8,738+ | Shares: 1,576+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Exclusive Offers, Collect Your Souvenir

Warm up your holiday with a great deal on Dirty Dancing mugs – Buy One, Get One Free here:

Dirty Dancing

Likes: 24,288+ | Shares: 1,315+ | Source: Dirty Dancing


Nervousness At It’s Best, Scare Swallowing

Stay active. Stay vigilant. #SaveStation

Step Brothers

Likes: 75,250+ | Shares: 15,696+ | Source: Step Brothers


Life’s A Race, Run To Win

From that day on if I was going somewhere, I was running!

Forrest Gump

Likes: 73,613+ | Shares: 6,331+ | Source: Forrest Gump


Take It In A Positive Way

I f**king love you, dog.

Pineapple Express

Likes: 50,935+ | Shares: 3,754+ | Source: Pineapple Express


Start your holiday season off right by watching Elf, December 1 at 8/7c on ABC Family!

Buddy The Elf

Likes: 16,627+ | Shares: 2,083+ | Source: Buddy The Elf


Fighter For All Nation, Knights For The World

“We’re your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret, we exist in shadow.” #SaveStation

Men In Black

Likes: 20,407+ | Shares: 1,051+ | Source: Men In Black


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