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Find Out That Adventure Which Drags You To The Destination Unknown, Exclusive Offer To Ride On Batmobile or Get The Details of A Downed Fighter – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff


Floating Candles For Halloween

Need a Halloween decoration idea? Check out Harry Potter Wish List’s DIY tutorial on floating candles to transform your house into the Great Hall!

Harry Potter

Likes: 45,308+ | Shares: 8,613+ | Source: Harry Potter


Get The Details of A Downed Fighter

#ThrowbackThursday – Luke Skywalker, coming to you live from the scene of a downed fighter.

Star Wars

Likes: 14,814+ | Shares: 525+ | Source: Star Wars


Thirsty For Bloods, This Halloween

He’s back… #1WeekTilSAW


Likes: 50,699+ | Shares: 2,908+ | Source: Saw


Mystery & Thrill Wait Outside

Be brave and take risks.


Likes: 15,516+ | Shares: 1,018+ | Source: Tangled


Another Out-of-the-box Thinker, Savior of The Future

Students often described Professor Munroe’s teaching style as “shocking.” #XMen #X2

X-Men Movies

Likes: 11,037+ | Shares: 130+ | Source: X-Men Movies


Amazing Cake & Cupcake Ideas For The Dragons Day

If you’re baking something sweet for #DragonsDay, get your cake and cupcake decorations from!
Check out their How to Train Your Dragon decorations!
– Hiccup & Toothless Cake Topper:
– Hiccup & Friends Cupcake Rings:

How to Train Your Dragon

Likes: 2,557+ | Shares: 57+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon


Most Popular Dance Scene From Step Up

What was your favorite dance scene in #StepUpAllIn?

Step Up Movie

Likes: 25,250+ | Shares: 209+ | Source: Step Up Movie


Adventure Drags You To The Destination Unknown

Plunge into the depths of the unknown with these courageous characters:

Finding Nemo

Likes: 2,221+ | Shares: 49+ | Source: Finding Nemo


Favorite Games For Your Favorite Character

Sid can’t stop playing The Book of Life: Sugar Smash! Play for free on iPhone, iPad and Android!

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 14,059+ | Shares: 376+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Exclusive Offer To Ride On Batmobile

“You’ve changed things…”
Want to win a trip to L.A., a Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour and a once-in-a-lifetime ride in the Batmobile? Visit to enter!

Batman The Dark Knight

Likes: 16,284+ | Shares: 2,187+ | Source: Batman: The Dark Knight


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