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Clarification From Emma Watson

“We had fun just messing around and being awkward like they would be awkward. There’s always that stage in a friendship when you wonder whether it could be more.” – Emma Watson https://instagram.com/harrypotterfilm #tbt #ThrowbackThursday #Throwback #HarryPotter #HermioneGranger #EmmaWatson #DanielRadcliffe #PageToScreen

Harry Potter

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Watch The Kitchen Of The Future in Panem

Find out what’s happening this week in Panem! “The Kitchen of the Future” has finally arrived. Tune in now to learn more at www.CapitolTV.pn!

The Hunger Games

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Transformers Need Your Vote To Advance

Will your favorite ‘bot make it through the Ultimate Transformers Showdown? YOU choose who will advance! https://www.TransformersMovie.com/showdown


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Share Your Memories And Win Special Gifts

Whether it’s your first date, a family night, or just hanging out with friends, some of the best films can also create the best #memories. Comment below with your story of the first time you watched Forrest Gump for a chance to win a #ForrestGump #Halloween Costume from HalloweenCostumes.com Link: https://j.mp/RunningCostume or https://j.mp/ForrestSuitCostume
No purchase necessary. Subject to Official Rules [https://j.mp/GumpSweeps]. Void where prohibited. Ends at 6 pm PT on 10/3/14

Forrest Gump

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Who Dares To Disrespect Logan?

Nobody ever misbehaved in Professor Logan’s class #ThrowBackThursday #XMen #X2

X-Men Movies

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Sid’s Always Lucky To Escape. Will he now?

Looks like Sid is in quite a pinch!

Ice Age Movies

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Minions Loved By Everyone

“Bello” – The Minions

Despicable Me

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Toy Story: Evil Disney Character Rankings

Find out where evil Emperor Zurg lands on the list:

Toy Story

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What Will You Do To Overcome This Wall?

True friends scale castle walls for you.

Alice in Wonderland

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Heavenly Feelings He Get, Can Do Anything To Achieve It

“I just wanna shove it up my nose and have that smell all day. That’s amazing! It’s beautiful! What’s it called?” -Dale

Pineapple Express

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