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Find out what Scrat is up to & watch his night time sneaking for foods, Get to know the latest on Finding Dory or Learn the tips from Mr. Han which can be useful for you whole life -all and many more top posts from Movie pages on today’s Movies Briff


That Proud Moment For Hogwarts

“Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event… the Triwizard Tournament!” – Dumbledore

Harry Potter

Likes: 321,403+ | Shares: 5,183+ | Source: Harry Potter


Luke Gone Forever

“I’m never gonna come back to this planet again” – Luke Skywalker

Star Wars

Likes: 10,672+ | Shares: 614+ | Source: Star Wars


Street vs Military, Which One You Like?

We’ve gone from the streets to military grade. #FF7

Fast & Furious

Likes: 156,915+ | Shares: 3,234+ | Source: Fast & Furious


God of Pandora, Amazing Graphical Work

Eywa knows who has been naughty or nice.


Likes: 20,268+ | Shares: 1,011+ | Source: Avatar


Night Time Sneaking For Food

Midnight snacks for Scrat.

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 45,858+ | Shares: 2,391+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Sanity Level At Threat, Be Aware!

Brennan: I remember my first beer.

Step Brothers

Likes: 143,821+ | Shares: 26,697+ | Source: Step Brothers


Fact That Doesn’t Seems To

DID YOU KNOW: The armor used in Gladiator was made of rubber covered with leather to make it malleable while shooting fight scenes.


Likes: 121,973+ | Shares: 7,999+ | Source: Gladiator


Life Goes on, Never Give Up

“Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up.” – What’s your favorite piece of advice from Mr. Han?

The Karate Kid

Likes: 20,384+ | Shares: 1,750+ | Source: The Karate Kid


Date Announced For Finding Dory

Next stop: The Marine Life Institute. Finding Dory comes to US theatres June 17, 2016.

Finding Nemo

Likes: 47,735+ | Shares: 4,643+ | Source: Finding Nemo


Dance With or Without Any Occasion


Step Up Movie

Likes: 37,923+ | Shares: 1,967+ | Source: Step Up Movie


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