Shake The World and Abolish Failure – Celebs Briff

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Meet two Barcelona stars after completing their revenge against PSG, Tips from Keyshia not to believe only watching from back or Learn the key to success from Jackie Chan’s point of view – all and many more on today’s Celebs Briff


Revenge Completed, Top of The Group

Partido emocionante de la UEFA Champions League esta noche. El liderato del grupo F está en juego.
Big UEFA Champions League game tonight. They are playing to top the group F.
FC Barcelona vs PSG

Leo Messi

Likes: 320,420+ | Shares: 5,676+ | Source: Leo Messi


Meet The Inspiring Figure For Taylor Swift

Got to see Emma KILL IT in Cabaret last night! Every new project she takes on is even more excellent than her last and it has inspired me since the day I met her 7 years ago.

Taylor Swift

Likes: 336,874+ | Shares: 1,519+ | Source: Taylor Swift


Tips To Shake The World

Happy #YoureWelcomeWednesday

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Likes: 54,361+ | Shares: 4,555+ | Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Don’t Believe Watching From Back

RP @jazzepha

Keyshia Cole

Likes: 55,180+ | Shares: 2,601+ | Source: Keyshia Cole


Goal That Wins Heart

Feliç !!

Neymar Jr.

Likes: 320,881+ | Shares: 2,335+ | Source: Neymar Jr.


Expression After A Common Mistake

I’ve done it…


Likes: 48,214+ | Shares: 2,029+ | Source: Ludacris


Quite An Eventful Life He Had

It’s Dec. 10th, 1979 in Birmingham, Alabama and Bob Marley’s in town for a show tonight at the Boutwell Auditorium! #TodayInBobsLife

Bob Marley

Likes: 61,146+ | Shares: 2,658+ | Source: Bob Marley


Not Many People Takes Washroom Selfie


Kim KardashianLikes: 291,069+ | Shares: 1,093+ | Source: Kim Kardashian


Main Ingredients To Abolish Failure

Focus and determination always lead to success.

成龍 Jackie Chan

Likes: 522,975+ | Shares: 10,405+ | Source: 成龍 Jackie Chan


Favorite Food For Lee Minho

in Guangzhou! 好吃~~

Lee Minho (이민호)

Likes: 552,543+ | Shares: 6,853+ | Source: Lee Minho (이민호)


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