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Overcome The Fear, Is It peace or Struggle? – Movies Briff

Raise your voice because in the near future, you’ll suffer too, Die fighting, Live like a lion, Read about how women celebrates handsome guys birthday or What do you support? Classic or modern? Who was better? Al Pacino or marlon Brando as a Godfather? – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff

Lucrative Offers, Dark Side Calling

“I’ll never join you!”
Star Wars
Likes: 34,310+ | Shares: 5,202+ | Source: Star Wars

Fight Before It’s Too Late, Save Yourself

“Put her out in the field and just keep the cameras rolling.” – Plutarch Heavensbee, #Mockingjay
The Hunger Games
Likes: 29,956+ | Shares: 2,992+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Overcoming The Fear, Not The Beauties

“Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?” – Ron
Harry Potter
Likes: 594,034+ | Shares: 12,738+ | Source: Harry Potter

Handsome Guy’s Birthday Celebrated In Gossips

Happy Birthday to Mr. Big… the handsome Chris Noth.
Sex and the City 2
Likes: 129,301+ | Shares: 4,410+ | Source: Sex and the City 2

Right or Wrong, Peace or Struggle?

Whose side are you on?
Alice in Wonderland
Likes: 49,605+ | Shares: 4,044+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland

Memory Test, Are You Tangled Enough?

And at last, you can prove how well you know Tangled:
Likes: 28,742+ | Shares: 1,041+ | Source: Tangled

Who Was Better? Father or Son?

Too close to call?
The timeless debate: The Godfather l or Godfather ll? #ThrowbackThursday
The Godfather
Likes: 84,247+ | Shares: 6,938+ | Source: The Godfather

Classic or Modern? Your Choice

Bone claws or Adamantium? You decide.
X-Men Movies
Likes: 38,009+ | Shares: 1,942+ | Source: X-Men Movies

New Definition of Anger Given, Insane Really

Disappointment is anger for wimps
Likes: 122,550+ | Shares: 13,651+ | Source: House

Basic Math Formula Applied To Clean

No complicated math needed. Binge now.
Breaking Bad
Likes: 57,278+ | Shares: 2,651+ | Source: Breaking Bad

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