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Find out how unique kids can think, elder people can’t even imagine those, Get to know an amazing costume idea to visit Disney World which goes Viral on internet, Tangled family indeed or Read the praise Watson did about Sherlock which he deserves, doesn’t it? – all and many more top posts on today’s Movies Briff


Rights Are Seized, Fight To Re-gain

Come together and join the rebellion. #Mockingjay Part 1 comes out in 3 DAYS! | For #MockingjayTickets: www.MockingjayTickets.com

The Hunger Games

Likes: 48,102+ | Shares: 6,593+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Heart Bleeds, Still Fight Goes On

Who do Harry and Hermione encounter in Godric’s Hollow while visiting his parents’ grave?

Harry Potter

Likes: 342,829+ | Shares: 2,670+ | Source: Harry Potter


Kids Always Ride In The Fairy Tale, Thinks Very Differently

Kids say the dardnest things.

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 40,090+ | Shares: 2,111+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Tangled Family, Credit Goes To Mom

Are you ready to have the best day ever? This little girl is sure to brighten your day with her Disney-inspired costumes:


Likes: 20,911+ | Shares: 1,290+ | Source: Tangled


Amazing Jack Sparrow, Coolest Pirate Ever

You can learn a lot from Captain Jack Sparrow’s unique sense of style:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Likes: 23,784+ | Shares: 1,012+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean


Wrong Place, Severe Treatment

“Ted Jones messed with the wrong melon farmers.”

\Pineapple Express

Likes: 25,180+ | Shares: 1,254+ | Source: Pineapple Express


Amazing Company, Like The Shadow Of Megamind

“Here is your Minion. He will take care of you.”


Likes: 29,924+ | Shares: 3,863+ | Source: Megamind


Worthy Praise, Mr. Holmes Deserves It

“I shall ever regard him as the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.”

Sherlock Holmes

Likes: 22,165+ | Shares: 1,054+ | Source: Sherlock Holmes


Predators Roar Experienced

Sound familiar? https://bitly.com/1uFkgHS


Likes: 6,007+ | Shares: 1,605+ | Source: Predator


Special Requirement For Friendship Unveiled

“You know what gets my dick hard? Helping out my friends.” — Derek

Step Brothers

Likes: 18,916+ | Shares: 4,101+ | Source: Step Brothers

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