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Magical Moments and Attitude Everyone Loves – Movies Briff

Watch the tooth losing calamity of Mr. Bean, Get to know how apperance can indicate your previous location or take a look at some historical, magical & special moments of Movie history – all and many more top posts from Movies & TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff

Be The Part Of History Making Movie

Critics are hailing #Mockingjay as “one of the best franchises of our time.” Buy tickets now & see why:
The Hunger Games
Likes: 31,572+ | Shares: 1,110+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Appearance Indicates Previous Location

“How’d you know where I was?” – Harry
“Wrackspurts. Your head’s full of them.” – Luna
Harry Potter
Likes: 309,171+ | Shares: 3,286+ | Source: Harry Potter

30 Years Back Today, Historical Day Indeed

Star Wars
Likes: 18,827+ | Shares: 2,480+ | Source: Star Wars

Magical & Precious Moment For The Lovers

“Like” this photo if you remember this scene…
The Notebook
Likes: 248,528+ | Shares: 7,588+ | Source: The Notebook

Love That Force You To Betray Your Race

“There are many dangers on Pandora, and one of the subtlest is that you may come to love it too much.”
Likes: 26,020+ | Shares: 1,064+ | Source: Avatar

Sloth & Baby Growing Side-By-Side, Amazing

This 5-Month-Old Baby And A Sloth Have Been Best Friends Since Birth
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 10,790+ | Shares: 1,099+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

7 Days Left, That Time Forgot Coming Out

Just one week until the world premiere of Toy Story That Time Forgot on ABC!
Toy Story
Likes: 19,227+ | Shares: 1,205+ | Source: Toy Story

Fans Alerted, Two Episodes, Trailers Available

ALERT: Two-night series premiere of Better Call Saul starts Sunday, Feb 8 at 10|9c with second episode to air Monday, Feb 9 at 10|9c.
Watch the just released promo ”Tingle Fingers” now!
Breaking Bad
Likes: 35,587+ | Shares: 7,317+ | Source: Breaking Bad

Attitude People Loves, But Don’t Try

“If nobody hates you, you’re doing something wrong.” – House
Likes: 304,438+ | Shares: 182,838+ | Source: House

Tooth Losing Calamity, Hilarious

Oh dear… Mr Bean has lost a tooth! When was the last time it happened to you? Hopefully it was more straightforward than Mr Bean’s experience.

Mr. Bean
Likes: 166,812+ | Shares: 2,937+ | Source: Mr. Bean

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