Messi Crossed Raúl and Haters Will Hate – Celebs Briff

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Read the Zlatan’s interview before the match against his boyhood club Ajax, People with excuses are the people with trouble, there are two things: doing & not doing, there is nothing in between or Watch the strange dress of Miley Cyrus and die if you are a fashion designer – all and many more on today’s Celebs Briff


Busy “Toretto”, Taking A Deep Breathe

Vin Diesel

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Two Ways: Doing & Not Doing, Nothing In Between

A person full of excuses is nothing but trouble

Keyshia Cole

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Messi Crossed Raúl, Usual Kindness As A “Good Boy”

Feliz de superar el récord de goles de la Champions de un jugador fenomenal como Raúl. Pero lo que realmente nos importa es que nuestros goles sirvan para llegar hasta Berlín y podamos luchar por la copa. Seguiremos trabajando para eso. Un abrazo a todos.
So happy to have broken the UEFA Champions League top scorer record, especially as it was previously held by such a phenomenal player as Raúl. However, what is really important is that all our goals will be useful in helping us to reach Berlin to fight for the trophy. We will keep trying our hardest to work towards it. A hug for everyone.

Leo Messi

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Losing Hope or Need Motivation, Grab This Book

You may think it’s too late—your dreams are too big, your obstacles too difficult—but God is still on the throne. He still has a way to bring them to pass. Pick up Joel’s newest book, #YouCanYouWill today:

Joel Osteen Ministries

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Insanity At THe Highest Level, Real Wastage

Do you want to build a snowman?

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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RIP Fashion Designers


Miley Cyrus

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Haters Will Hate, Doesn’t Matter To Ludacris

#BurningBridges #dec16 #EP #dtp #googleplay


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Barca-Brazil Brothers Together, Happy Time

Bora pra casa … #Brazukas Adriano Dani Alves Douglas Rafinha Alcantara

Neymar Jr.

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Fill Your Heart With Love, Stay Far From Hate

Repost from @kellyrowland #MikeBrown #Ferguson
Khloe Kardashian
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Zlatan’s Interview On Ajax Match

Tonight you are up against your former club Ajax, for the moment in third place in Champions League’s Group F. The first meeting ended with a draw after the Dane Lasse Schöne equalized in the 74th minute. What are you going to change to take all three points tonight?
Zlatan: We have to play our game and be very focused in the defense.
This is just your second Champions League match for the season, but your PSG is still in the lead with two points more than Barcelona. How does it feel to be back in the prime of European club football again?
Zlatan: It feels really good just to be back on the pitch – and the Champions League is definitely something else.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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