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Find out the latest updates on the most anticipated movie of this year, Get to know a mood changing movie or Learn the definition of a true criminal, not the money hunters or greedy perverts, they stops when their thirst quenched, they do it for something, they lowered the quality actually – all and many more top posts on today’s Movies Briff


Fire Burns On, Join To End Your Sufferings

Fire is catching! See the most anticipated movie of the year! | Buy your #MockingjayTickets at www.MockingjayTickets.com

The Hunger Games

Likes: 33,926+ | Shares: 2,785+ | Source: The Hunger Games


Never Underestimate, Value Others or Lose

“Yeah? You and whose army?” – Neville

Harry Potter

Likes: 174,449+ | Shares: 8,998+ | Source: Harry Potter


Moment To Remember, Classic Star Wars

#ThrowbackThursday – You go, Han Solo!

Star Wars

Likes: 32,462+ | Shares: 1,641+ | Source: Star Wars


Young Bot, Idol For Teenagers

Bumblebee’s voice is made up of sounds from his radio. What is your favorite Bee quote? #TRANS4MERS


Likes: 66,047+ | Shares: 1,204+ | Source: Transformers


Conventional Word Trolled

“What does that mean, ‘I got your back?’ I mean, I’d rather they covered the front. That’s where all the good stuff is, isn’t it?”

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 24,781+ | Shares: 935+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Is He Joking? Is It Scary?

“What a regrettably large head you have. I should very much like to hat it.”

Alice in Wonderland

Likes: 83,454+ | Shares: 4,743+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland


Exclusive Photos: Future Is Here

X-Men: Days of Future Past Photos

X-Men Movies

Likes: 33,332+ | Shares: 1,652+ | Source: X-Men Movies


Mood Changing Movie, Logical Entertainment

“Gather! An entire ecosystem contained in one infinitesimal speck!”

Finding Nemo

Likes: 47,272+ | Shares: 1,088+ | Source: Finding Nemo


Definition Of A Pure Criminal

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Alfred

Batman The Dark Knight

Likes: 79,160+ | Shares: 7,877+ | Source: Batman: The Dark Knight


This Question Came Into Every Fan’s Mind

Dr. John Watson: Why is the only woman you’ve ever cared about a world-class criminal? Are you a masochist?

Sherlock Holmes

Likes: 78,964+ | Shares: 4,152+ | Source: Sherlock Holmes


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