Thanksgiving Special and Revolution Going On- Movies Briff

Thanksgiving Special and Revolution Going On- Movies Briff

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Find out when eating is more important than the best friend, Read a classic quote which is brutally funny or Watch the thanksgiving special wishes from the top Movies & TV Show’s pages on today’s Movies Briff

Mockingjay Thanks Everyone, Join The Revolution

This Thanksgiving you don’t need ‘mahogany’ to share a meal with the ones you love! BUY TIX to see #Mockingjay:
The Hunger Games
Likes: 27,502+ | Shares: 988+ | Source: The Hunger Games

When Eating Is More Important Than Best Friend

“Will you stop eating? Your best friend is missing!” – Hermione
Harry Potter
Likes: 315,017+ | Shares: 3,169+ | Source: Harry Potter

Thanksgiving Celebrated With Friends, Family & Love

Bella is thankful for her new family, old friends, and the love of her life, Edward. What are you thankful for?
The Twilight Saga
Likes: 65,946+ | Shares: 3,746+ | Source: The Twilight Saga

Classic Quote, Brutal Fun

#ThrowbackThursday – “You see the face on that guy when I took his arm off?”
Star Wars
Likes: 17,852+ | Shares: 954+ | Source: Star Wars

Dragon’s Parade, Thanksgiving Special

Keep an eye out for Toothless in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow! (We’re thankful for dragons!)
How to Train Your Dragon
Likes: 116,939+ | Shares: 10,919+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon

Turkey Day, Festival Going On

Looks like Shrek and his family is ready for a feast! What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Happy Turkey Day!
Likes: 51,160+ | Shares: 4,565+ | Source: Shrek

Strange Way To Thank

I couldn’t eat another bite of turkey without thinking of you inside of me.
Step Brothers
Likes: 48,971+ | Shares: 3,421+ | Source: Step Brothers

Less Time For Talking When You Have That Big Feast

Happy Thanksgiving from The Simpsons! Let the feasting begin!
The Simpsons
Likes: 30,976+ | Shares: 1,765+ | Source: The Simpsons

Mr. Bean’s Wit Is Comparable To No One

When you realise the turkey you bought isn’t big enough to feed the family. Happy Thanksgiving!
Mr. Bean
Likes: 110,006+ | Shares: 2,358+ | Source: Mr. Bean

King Of Their Own Throne

Feast like a king. Happy #Thronesgiving.
Game of Thrones
Likes: 57,479+ | Shares: 2,418+ | Source: Game of Thrones

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