Star Wars in Real Life – Video Briff

Following the viral explosion of the supposedly leaked Star Wars Episode VII filmset footage featuring a Star Wars airport in real life, here are the best videos of how Star Wars in real life would look like.

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Star Wars Baseball Video

This is an animated GIF file so give it a moment to run – with over 686,980 shares… it’s worth it!

Star Wars Baseball

Likes: 37,091+ | Shares: 686,980+ | Source: Kevin Bowman


Star Wars Airport Video

It was called Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage! and although it’s fake, with 6,861,999+ views… it’s worth your minute.


Star Wars Dance Video

The Hyperspace Hoopla got 2,159,251+ views and so it’s worth posting, although out its 12 minutes, only parts of the video are funny.


Bonus: Star Wars Moment

I bet that you’ve never seen this brilliant Star Wars short video, since it has only 109 views. And yet I think this minute will leave you thirsty for more, worth watching until the end.


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