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Total War Is here, Face It Without Fear

“Be brave, Professor. Be brave like my mother. Otherwise, you disgrace her. Otherwise, she died for nothing.” – Harry

Harry Potter

Likes: 211,831+ | Shares: 2,306+ | Source: Harry Potter


Classic Eskimo Dress From Star Wars

“I thought they smelled bad on the outside.” – Han Solo

Star Wars

Likes: 18,563+ | Shares: 1,234+ | Source: Star Wars


Funny Quote From Step Brothers

Bet you can’t top that.

Step Brothers

Likes: 114,784+ | Shares: 12,069+ | Source: Step Brothers


Nut Is All He Could Think Today

Have a nutty day!

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 31,761+ | Shares: 3,113+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Join The Dragon’s Party With The Megamind

Naturally, Megamind will be making a dramatic entrance to this party. Join him and DreamWorks Animation in celebrating the digital release of How to Train Your Dragon 2!

Get it now on digital:
Join the watch party and tweet along with fans using #DragonsDay:


Likes: 11,113+ | Shares: 78+ | Source: Megamind


Evolution of Batman, 75 Years Completed

From The Dark Knight to the first time Batman appeared on screen, let’s celebrate 75 years of Batman! #Batman75

Batman The Dark Knight

Likes: 45,686+ | Shares: 5,199+ | Source: Batman: The Dark Knight


Face The Death, Find Your Escape Route

Jigsaw returns in two weeks – will you be ready? #2WeeksTilSAW


Likes: 22,589+ | Shares: 1,198+ | Source: Saw


Creative Corner, Only For The Fans With Innovative Ideas

“I loved Toothless so much I decided to learn how to sew so I could make my own plushies.” Sew on, @dragonpawclaws!
Want a chance to be featured here? Post a photo of your Dragon creations to Twitter or Instagram with #DragonsFanSpotlight!

How to Train Your Dragon

Likes: 17,477+ | Shares: 572+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon


Amazing Concept Art, Perfection Reached

Transformers: Age of Extinction Concept Art (9 photos)


Likes: 31,788+ | Shares: 1,077+ | Source: Transformers


New Poster Unveiled For Avengers

Love the Marvel‘s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” teaser trailer? Check out the official teaser poster!


Likes: 115,264+ | Shares: 6,071+ | Source: Avengers


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