Mysterious Sky Mark and Dope Time - Movies

Mysterious Sky Mark and Dope Time – Movies Briff

Find out why this day is a day to remember, See the great weekend for Tony Montana or Learn from Noah that sometimes you have to say something to hold on to someone which you always know you can’t do – all and many more top posts from Movies & TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff

Mysterious Marks In The Sky

What appears in the sky during the 422nd Quidditch World Cup?
Harry Potter

Likes: 256,820+ | Shares: 4,272+ | Source: Harry Potter

Beginning of History Making, Day To Remember

Star Wars
Likes: 17,766+ | Shares: 1,802+ | Source: Star Wars

Humorous Creation Indeed

Big-hearted Granny.
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 29,537+ | Shares: 1,485+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

Noah Said, But Knows He Can’t

“If you leave here I hate you.” -Noah
The Notebook
Likes: 127,005+ | Shares: 4,360+ | Source: The Notebook

Wonder Kid & Kung Fu Master Really

Did you know Jaden Smith did all his own stunts for The Karate Kid?
The Karate Kid
Likes: 7,563+ | Shares: 10,896+ | Source: The Karate Kid

Protective Landon, Responsibility Well Served

“This is about me, this is not you.”
A Walk To Remember
Likes: 289,522+ | Shares: 8,657+ | Source: A Walk To Remember

Story of Avatar Selection

DID YOU KNOW: Noah Ringer won the role of Aang by submitting an audition tape of himself doing martial arts with a shaved head and an Airbender Halloween costume.
The Last Airbender
Likes: 5,995+ | Shares: 1,596+ | Source: The Last Airbender

Dope Time For Tony Montana

– What a great f*cking weekend!
Likes: 61,380+ | Shares: 9,040+ | Source: Scarface™

Showing Gratitude & Proper Credits Given

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Game of Thrones on their Golden Globes nomination for Best Television Series.
Game of Thrones
Likes: 48,978+ | Shares: 1,661+ | Source: Game of Thrones

Wednesday Is The Pink Day

On Wednesdays we wear pink.
Breaking Bad
Likes: 386,497+ | Shares: 33,011+ | Source: Breaking Bad

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