Miracle With Money and Party Destroyer Arrived – Viral Briff

Find out why Dubai proved that money can buy everything, Learn to change yourself, it can change the world or Life is full of struggles but you are not the most unlucky, read the life cycle of White Raven to get inspiration – all and many more interesting, shocking, funny & a mixture of all this in today’s Viral Briff


Funny Move, Fat Guy Same Alike

New Girl’s Max Greenfield had some time to kill on set, while in full “Fat Schmidt” makeup. So, of course he did what anyone would do. He made a lip-synch video to Rihanna, and it’s a masterpiece.


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Change Yourself, Motivate Others

So let’s make some ripples, y’all! Thanks for the photo, Global Citizen.


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Scientist Everyone Should Know

Have you heard of this man?

I fucking love science

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Natural Beauty Created Artificially

All the Reasons You Want a Rainfall Shower in Your Home

Stylish Eve

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Sleep Talk Couple, Both Happy Really

“He does math problems out loud in his sleep.”
“She collects vintage teacups.”

Humans of New York

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Money Can Buy Everything, Dubai Proved

Miracle Garden With Over 45 Million Flowers ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Fact Said, List Never Ends Fast

Moms be like, “I’m only getting two things.”

Dude Perfect

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Face Difficulties, Take Inspiration

Your life sucks? Think again.


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Party Destroyer Pets, Be Aware

14+ dogs and cats that destroyed Christmas:

Bored Panda

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Banner Many Would Never Understand Why?

Talk about a reptile dysfunction.

George Takei

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