Watch: The Dark Version Of “Power Rangers”

Watch: The Dark Version Of “Power Rangers”

Next year will be produced in a large budget Hollywood movie Neintiz cult series “Power Rangers”. Meanwhile, the network increased shortened version Altnrntibit narrator gloomy about the history of the five heroes Htinayeg’rim shell-shocked as adults. Incidentally starring in the title role, James Van Der Beek, M”Dawson Creek ” Watch!


Last month reported the arrest of Ricardo Medina, a long, long line of “Power Rangers”. The Powerpuff actor who played the Red Ranger in “Power Rangers Wild Force” and “Power Rangers Samurai” – original one-year-old series from Haim Saban -huashm murder of his roommate, it killed with a sword (later released on the grounds of self-defense). Watch memories among children in the 90s, and producer Adi Shankar decides to enter them with the short film released by the network “Power / Rangers”

As with the tragic figure of a matured not so good in reality, so the film directed by Joseph Kahn. The plot deals as the war of the five Htinayeg’rim talents against evil aliens covet the earth and their giant monsters, and focuses on the relationship of those who were best friend’s heart, and soul, and weapons, and have become adults shell-shocked. Past traumas and intrigue that emerged in retrospect immigrant group Apple and violent film, that really does not mention the television version.

Who played the Rocky, Powerpuff Red Ranger, is a refugee from another Neintiz – James Van Der Beek seller youth drama hero “Dawson’s Creek”. Here he appears as quite intolerable, who meets his companion formerly Kimberly, the pink ranger Powerpuff (played by Katee Sackhoff) – and it investigates the murder of her husband, Tommy, Powerpuff Green Ranger. Further integrate well, flashbacks Powerpuff memory Zach Black Ranger and General Clunk bastard (the two are fighting each other in North Korea).

American Shankar, Indian origin known as a producer with a fondness for violent films (the last one horror comedy “Voices” starring Ryan Reynolds),

And here he wants to distance himself childish concept of the original series. It also makes a clear spoken bootleg version of his own, which is not related to the production of Haim Saban. “It’s not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, and completely to present it in public,” he said, and asked the public not to send donations not, that this is a free movie to watch, without advancing anything.

However, naturally, some people are raising speculation that this is an attempt to integrate the emerging project to create a multi-budget Hollywood movie based on “Power Rangers” in 2016 – a joint production of Lionsgate and Saban Antrteinmng. Director and cast have not yet cast in this movie, so who knows, after the test, the alternative, perhaps Shankar, Kahn, and his staff shall be recruited to the real thing. After Neil Blomkmf precedent and the project “Alien” it was deposited, after also released independent network concept illustration, maybe it will work.


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