Unveil The Epic Election Campaign For Maximus and Regret For What People Do For Celebrities like Marla- Movies Briff

Do You Remember The Epic Sword Fight By Captain Jack Sparrow, Will You Fight For The Truth & Justice or Want To Meet The Flying Donkey? – All are here and many more on today’s Movies Briff


Will You Stand For The Truth & Justice?

The citizens of District 8 stand beside the #Mockingjay. Do you?

The Hunger Games

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Knowledge From Star Wars

#SpotlightOfTheWeek – Dathomir is home of the Nightsisters, a witch clan capable of wielding unique magic fueled by the life forces of the planet.

Star Wars
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Final Countdown, Only 2 Days Left

They’re coming in 2 DAYS… Are you ready for #TRANS4MERS?


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Captain Jack Sparrow in Epic Sword Fight

Sword play.

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Meet The Flying Donkey

It’s our favorite…..flying Donkey?


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Finding Pizza Planet Truck Is A More Priority Now

Marlin found Nemo, but have you found the Pizza Planet truck?

Finding Nemo

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Epic Election Campaign For Maximus

Maximus is not horsing around.


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Deleted Scene From X-Men

“Erik is gonna start that war whether you like it or not.”
Watch a deleted scene from X-Men Movies: Days of Future Past.

X-Men Movies

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Fight Club: Memory Flashback For Marla

Marla Singer. You ruined my f%$&ing life.

Fight Club

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Learn About Disney High Fives

These high fives are a scream:

Monsters, Inc.

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