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Get To Know About The Movie’s Actors and Their Birthdays, Explore That Everything in This World Doesn’t Have to have a REASON or The Ace of The Classic Movie “Scarface” – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff


Make Your Own House Banner

Calling all Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs! Find out how to make your house banner on Harry Potter Wish List.

Harry Potter

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The Hunger Games: Take Down Capitol

We are the seekers of truth. We are the believers of the Mockingjay. Join the rebellion and uncover the truth at https://District13.co.in/

The Hunger Games

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Birthday Wishes To Norm Spellman

Wish Joel David Moore (Norm Spellman) a very happy birthday!


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Everything in This World Doesn’t Have to have a REASON

They just couldn’t believe that someone would do all that running for no particular reason.

Forrest Gump

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Star Wars: Legendary Hero Celebrates 63rd Birthday

Happy birthday to our hero, legendary farmboy-turned-Jedi, and owner of a glorious “contractually obligated” beard, Mark Hamill!

Star Wars

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First Time Experiences Are Mostly Bumpy but Unique

Throwback Thursday to that bumpy first flight! #TBT

How to Train Your Dragon

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X-Men Movies: Be The Wolverine

These original props from #XMen: Days of Future Past are only some of the amazing pieces select YouTube vloggers got to enjoy at the 20th Century Fox studios today!

X-Men Movies

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Choose Your Own Path, But The Choices Are Limited

Which way will it be: snud or queast?

Alice in Wonderland
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Memorizing The History of Thor

#ThrowbackThorsday: That time the Avengers first assembled to battle Thor’s evil half-brother, Loki, in the first issue of their own comic, “The Avengers” #1 (1963). Can you guess who won?


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Al Pacino Was The Ace of Scarface Crew

Scarface has the perfect cast to fill-out the deck > https://ushe.biz/YF8dY3


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