Amazing Car Design and Evil's Heart Expressed- Movies Briff

Amazing Car Design and Evil’s Heart Expressed- Movies Briff

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Find out the latest on Mockingjay & the revolution everyone should join, Read about the never ending TV show which always came up with something new or Watch some exclusive & special collection from Movies & TV Shows – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff

Mockingjay Calling You, Join The Force

“Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be…” #Mockingjay
The Hunger Games
Likes: 59,544+ | Shares: 6,025+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Harry Potter Fans Alerted, Exclusive Indeed

A Celebration of Harry Potter Event Package
Harry Potter
Likes: 82,438+ | Shares: 2,259+ | Source: Harry Potter

Five Years Celebrated For The New Moon

FIVE years ago, New Moon was released in theaters. How many times have you seen it since? #5YearsOfNewMoon
The Twilight Saga
Likes: 188,647+ | Shares: 7,105+ | Source: The Twilight Saga

Evils Have Heart Too

Tell me about it…
Star Wars
Likes: 35,684+ | Shares: 7,517+ | Source: Star Wars

Animals Have Emotions Too, Ice Age Proved It

That look you give your friend when she thinks she’s an opossum.
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 29,533+ | Shares: 1,021+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

Never Ending Show, Always Came Up With Something New

Could it be… a new band in town? Find out when Apu takes the stage SUNDAY.
The Simpsons
Likes: 59,073+ | Shares: 1,024+ | Source: The Simpsons

Action Heroes Waiting, Visit To Meet

Visit for an exclusive clip from the The Expendables 3 blooper reel.
The Expendables
Likes: 18,481+ | Shares: 1,166+ | Source: The Expendables

People Get Fun At His Work, No One Follows

It’s have a party with your bear day today!! Will you be celebrating like Mr Bean?
Mr. Bean
Likes: 185,289+ | Shares: 2,713+ | Source: Mr. Bean

Amazing Car Design For The Children

Arghh ya ready for the SpongeBob Movie car!? Check out this SpongeBob Toyota USA Sienna at the LA Auto Show! Where would you drive it?
SpongeBob SquarePants
Likes: 182,936+ | Shares: 26,618+ | Source: SpongeBob SquarePants

Place Not Suitable, Humor Really Suitable

Buttscratcha! Buttscratcha? Buttscratcha!
Family Guy
Likes: 67,259+ | Shares: 7,213+ | Source: Family Guy

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