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Classic vs Present Batsuits, Which One Would You Prefer, Funny Excuse of Disease From Pineapple Express or Boring, No Fun For Mr. bean But Best Halloween Wishes For The Fans – Halloween Specials, Latest updates on Movies & TV Serials on today’s Movies Briff


Fast & Furious, Level 7, Experience Like Never Before

The ultimate high-octane franchise is taking things to the next level. #Furious7

Fast & Furious

Likes: 112,367+ | Shares: 2,034+ | Source: Fast & Furious


Harry Potter Team With A Cute Birthday Wish

A big happy birthday kiss to Molly Weasley!

Harry Potter

Likes: 424,008+ | Shares: 2,877+ | Source: Harry Potter


Share Your Imagination, Share Happiness

If you could ask the Fairy Godmother to cast one spell for you, what would it be?


Likes: 46,418+ | Shares: 1,256+ | Source: Shrek


Dream Turns Into Nightmare, Freddy It Is

Before he invades your nightmares, vote Freddy Krueger as everyone’s favorite Serial Slasher in the Most Valuable Monster round of HitFix Entertainment News World Series of Monsters! https://bit.ly/HitfixMVM

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Likes: 11,905+ | Shares: + | Source: A Nightmare on Elm Street


Classic vs Present, Idea Taken From Classics Indeed

The Batsuit has come a long way from Adam West’s #BatmanTV66 series. What is your favorite part about the Batsuit, both then and now?

Batman The Dark Knight

Likes: 17,424+ | Shares: 1,538+ | Source: Batman: The Dark Knight


Excuse of Disease, Funny Actually

Best excuse you’ve ever heard?

Pineapple Express

Likes: 46,878+ | Shares: 2,996+ | Source: Pineapple Express


Human Wishes, Epic Humor

The good, the evil, and the Krusty.

The Simpsons

Likes: 88,241+ | Shares: 1,949+ | Source: The Simpsons


Boring, No Fun For Him, Best Wishes For Fans

…BOO! Happy Halloween!!
Mr. Bean
Likes: 227,063+ | Shares: 6,824+ | Source: Mr. Bean


Fun Time, Don’t Ruin It With Drugs

Who’s dressing up for Halloween?

Breaking Bad

Likes: 84,474+ | Shares: 2,319+ | Source: Breaking Bad


Don’t Let Mistake Capture You, Learn From It

Mistakes will always haunt us. #Supernatural is all new NOW!


Likes: 98,645+ | Shares: 1,953+ | Source: Supernatural


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