Mockery Teaches and Humanity Still Exists - Viral Briff

Mockery Teaches and Humanity Still Exists – Viral Briff


Children Would Learn Not To Be Zero-Figured If Disney Made A Small Change, Read About A Little Girl With Huge Understanding or Be Aware About Some Experiences Which Can Be Hazardous – all and many more interesting, funny, humorous and shocking on today’s Viral Briff

Children Would Learn Not To Be Zero-Figured

If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines
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Mockery Is A Worthy Way To Teach

Would you wear this?
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Be Aware!! Experiences Can Be Hazardous

Everyone walks a different path.
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Jaguar Gets High!! Epic Reaction

Did you know that jaguars deliberately gnaw on hallucinogenic plant roots to get high? Check out this video of a jaguar on drugs:
I fucking love science
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Amazing Outdoor Swimming Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Decks
Stylish Eve
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Little Girl With Huge Understanding

Him: “We were reading Aesop’s Fables the other night, and she surprised me by knowing the definition of a fable.”
Her: “A fable is a story that teaches a lesson!”
Me: “So what’s your favorite fable?”
Her: “Once there was a fox that wanted some grapes and he really wanted the grapes so he tried to jump up and get them but he messed it up and so he tried again but he messed it up again but then he walked away because he decided the grapes were sour and that teaches you not to be greedy and want too much pizza.”
Him: “…. I think we may have combined a few there.”
Humans of New York
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Don’t Cry, Don’t Give up, Try More

When your crush loves someone else
Dude Perfect
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Humanity Still Exist, But Low In Number

This is powerful. Definitely worth the read.
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Gender Discrimination In The Ad, Male Is The Victim

She wasn’t ready to rumble, I suppose.
George Takei
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Experience The Magic of Science, All Are Invited

Hey New York, let’s get together, shall we? Meet me in Union Square. I’ll be the guy wearing the bow tie.
Bill Nye The Science Guy
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