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Bar Refaeli is mostly known for being a supermodel, leading international campaigns for major brands, including the cover of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and she was voted #1 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list of 2012. People who know Bar say that she’s an amazing human being, nice and sincere. On top of all this, Bar Refaeli is also a social web genius. Yup. With what seems to be very little effort, her Facebook page has grown to over 2 million likes and her smart photos – at home with the dog or at the beach in a bikini – get thousands of likes and shares.

Here at, knowing that life is way too short for a long feed, we bring you the best of the best with top posts only, and we’re happy to launch a new category – Genius Briff – with the top posts of leading social stars, starting this time with Bar Refaeli‘s top posts from the past few months. After browsing through, we’re sure that you too will join her followers, and perhaps also like the Facebook page


Locked on the Bar

Lock (icon)

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 1

Likes: 60,742+ | Shares: 344+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Shining Bar

Shimmer of light (icon)

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 2

Likes: 64,400+ | Shares: 903+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Kissing Bar Refaeli

Kiss (icon)

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 3

Likes: 58,019+ | Shares: 426+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Big Smile in China

The ride down from the Great Wall Of China

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 4

Likes: 41,941+ | Shares: 255+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Real Dream


Bar Refaeli Top Posts 5

Likes: 55,879+ | Shares: 568+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Bar in a Colofrul Bikini for Shabbat :)

Shabbat Shalom <3

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 6

Likes: 113,614+ | Shares: 1,480+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Bar’s Car Wash

I got a new car.. It came with a part time job ! #lexus

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 7

Likes: 60,723+ | Shares: 885+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Gotta Love Bar Refeali

Live, Love, Laugh <3

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 8

Likes: 78,465+ | Shares: 745+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Watching Bar

Watching you watching me.. (eyes icon)

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 9

Likes: 64,276+ | Shares: 833+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Weekend with Bar

Have a wonderful weekend people of the world!

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 10

Likes: 47,542+ | Shares: 550+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Stephen King’s Words

A way to check my patience.. Stephen king words on my body. #esquire

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 11

Likes: 33,393+ | Shares: 1,021+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


How does Bar Refaeli look waking up in the morning?

Just woke up, stretching.. (bikini, smile icons)

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 12

Likes: 67,228+ | Shares: 1,459+ | Source: Bar’s Facebooki


Flower Girl

Flower power (flower icon)

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 13

Likes: 44,099+ | Shares: 916+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Thailand Vacation

Thailand in colors

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 14

Likes: 51,222+ | Shares: 615+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Hot Leather

Sports illustrated 2014

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 15

Likes: 82,674+ | Shares: 1,583+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Behind Bar

Don’t worry about those talking about you behind your back, they are behind you for a reason

Bar Refaeli Top Posts 16

Likes: 40,510+ | Shares: 1,161+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Sleeping with Bar Refaeli


Bar Refaeli Top Posts 17

Likes: 48,312+ | Shares: 900+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


Sharing Bar Refaeli’s Photos



Bar Refaeli Top Posts 18


Likes: 58,435+ | Shares: 1,323+ | Source: Bar’s Facebook


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