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Find out what power of mind can do, achieve & overcome, Get to know why Miley Cyrus needs an eye specialist as soon as possible or Watch a kid’s serious face which can scare the elder people for sure – etc many more top posts from all over the world on today’s Celebs Briff


Power Of Mind Can Achieve & Overcome Anything

Many people around the world embraced the #icebucketchallenge to create awareness to #ALS. It’s with great joy that I share the inspirational story of Bernardo, a story of success in fighting #ALS

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Another Product! Tide Of Products Where People Drown

So proud of my 7th fragrance called Fleur Fatale in stores now!!! #Roses

Kim Kardashian

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Experience, Kids Would Never Understand

Remember this? Worse kind of #TBT

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Taylor Swift Ruling The Magazine Covers

Taylor is gracing the cover of next month’s Lucky Magazine and looking gorgeous! Get a sneak peak here: https://tswift.co/1p45GbQ

Taylor Swift

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Vin Diesel In Awesome Mood

Vin Diesel

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Miley Cyrus Needs Eye Specialist ASAP


Miley Cyrus

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Sign Of A True Actress

I really don’t mind when I’m in front of a camera and playing a character I’m comfortable with.

Charlize Theron

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True Meaning Of Sexiness Taught


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Very Serious Face As A Kid, Shocking Indeed

When you see something you don’t like

Khloe Kardashian

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Fans Alerted, Bieber Working Hard For Another Master-Piece

New music
adidas NEO Label #NEOwhere #FWIS

Justin Bieber

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