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Get to know the safe cities for women, a humorous counter logic for the scientists, read about some unused cards or walk through to embrace the nature – all and many more funny, interesting and shocking top posts on today’s Viral Briff


Hilarious Collection of Typical Daily Mistakes

You never know what reaction you’ll get when you refer to a group of people as “y’all.”


Likes: 10,795+ | Shares: 3,436+ | Source: BuzzFeed


Top Safe Cities For Women Unveiled

Well, that’s pretty neat. Did your city make the list?


Likes: 8,450+ | Shares: 2,904+ | Source: Upworthy


Humorous Counter Logic Challenging Scientists

Take that, scientists!

I fucking love science

Likes: 80,598+ | Shares: 13,767+ | Source: I fucking love science


Creative Nail Polishing Ideas, WOW!!

Winnie the Pooh Nails
Stylish Eve
Likes: 137,214+ | Shares: 20,710+ | Source: Stylish Eve


Burden of hearts Relieved After Decades

“It happened back in graduate school. For years, I was constantly questioning whether I’d done something to deserve it. I knew I was drunk, but I chose to walk home at night. I noticed he was following me. I noticed that he followed me into a coffee shop, and I could have stayed in that shop, but I chose to continue home. He pulled me into a car at knifepoint. I didn’t tell anyone. Not even the police. I was an actress, so I just sort of thought I could act like it never happened. It was hard for me to continue performing, because when you’re raped, you feel like you’ve been seen in a way that you shouldn’t be seen, and the last thing you want to do is be seen anymore. You gain weight. You wear baggy clothes. It took me years of being in a rape support group to even get to the place where I can talk about it. But I’m in a great place now. I just finished self-producing a cabaret show. Not a sparkly one. It’s a little dark. Well, dark and sparkly.”

Humans of New York

Likes: 240,255+ | Shares: 6,776+ | Source: Humans of New York


Walk & Embrace The Nature

Magical Tree Tunnels You Should Definitely Take A Walk Through ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

Likes: 54,622+ | Shares: 8,307+ | Source: Architecture & Design


Found Some Use of It Atlast

Finally decided to use my gym membership card

Dude Perfect
Likes: 280,349+ | Shares: 7,457+ | Source: Dude Perfect

Not Ready To Do anything Really

Works in every single situation.

Likes: 181,536+ | Shares: 14,073+ | Source: 9GAG


Cake Art Collection, Beyond Imagination

This cake contest has the most amazing cakes we’ve ever seen:

Bored Panda

Likes: 12,771+ | Shares: 7,806+ | Source: Bored Panda


Epic Marketing Policy, Unique Food Name

From a fan. Something fishy about its origin. #ShesOnARoll

George Takei

Likes: 15,579+ | Shares: 2,015+ | Source: George Takei


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