Reveal The New Look Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan’s Way of Life and The Lucrative Offer From One Direction – Celebs Briff

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Messi and Ronaldinho Look Promising For The Next match, Jennifer Lopez Exposed Herself At The New Video Or Latest About Miley Cyrus – Find Out All and Everything on Today’s Celebs Briff

Vin Diesel With A New Look

Kaulder state of mind…
The Last Witch Hunter. Fall 2015!
Vin Diesel
Likes: 443,309+ | Shares: 6,654+ | Source: Vin Diesel

Ludacris: Funny Couch Fucked Up

Likes: 66,853+ | Shares: 6,492+ | Source: Ludacris

Faith Can Give you What Doubt Can’t

“Don’t put a question mark where there should be a period. When something is over, move on to the next chapter.”
Joel Osteen Ministries
Likes: 131,022+ | Shares: 37,918+ | Source: Joel Osteen Ministries

Leo Messi Promising To Try His Best To Win Tomorrow

Último entrenamiento antes de viajar a Valencia mañana. Será difícil, pero tenemos muchas ganas de conseguir nuestra cuarta victoria en La Liga.

Last training session before heading to Valencia tomorrow. It’ll be a tough match, but we’ll try our hardest to get our fourth win in La Liga.

– LIO — with Pedro and Javier Alejandro Mascherano.
Leo Messi
Likes: 145,632+ | Shares: 1,088+ | Source: Leo Messi

Miley Cyrus: Shouting Like Hell

been fuckin jammmmin
Miley Cyrus
Likes: 195,208+ | Shares: 1,167+ | Source: Miley Cyrus

Jackie Chan Showing The Way of Life

Be true to your heart and nothing can stand in your way.
成龍 Jackie Chan
Likes: 416,836+ | Shares: 9,344+ | Source: 成龍 Jackie Chan

One Direction: Offers For You

Get a personalised print, and a free wrist band too, when you pre-order the guys’ new album FOUR from the official 1D store!
One Direction
Likes: 158,838+ | Shares: 3,411+ | Source: One Direction

Ronaldinho Gaúcho: Training And Working Hard

Treino – 20/09/2014
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Likes: 64,704+ | Shares: 404+ | Source: Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Jennifer Lopez Exposed In New Video

#ShakeThat #JLoBootyOnVEVO see the full video here:
Jennifer Lopez
Likes: 129,086+ | Shares: 9,658+ | Source: Jennifer Lopez

Commemorating The Awesome Night of 1980

Night two of Bob’s 1980 MSG run with The Commodores! #TodayInBobsLife
Bob Marley
Likes: 128,287+ | Shares: 5,509+ | Source: Bob Marley

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