Superhero Evolution – What happened to Superman, Wonder Woman & Spider-Man?

Before and After: Superhero Evolution

Who doesn’t love Superman? He is the all time favorite superhero of the humankind. And yet our beloved hero has grown and evolved with the years. If the superhero evolution photo of Superman is too small, click it to enlarge.

Superhero Evolution Superman 1938-2013

The extraterrestrial baby with special powers was born as a comics figure in 1938, super strong but with much less muscles. In the most famous feature film, actor Christopher Reeve became the most memorable human face and body of Superman. With time, Superman continued to change, building his body at first, going a little darker in spirit. And what would be next?


Optimus Prime: Superhero Evolution

The Transformers ultimate leader, Optimus Prime, started his career on Earth as a simple cartoon in two dimensions. While pledging loyalty to the human race, he evolved and grew into a gigantic 3D living Autobot. It looks like his heroic evolution is still in progress. Click it to enlarge or scroll down for more.

Superhero Evolution Optimus Prime 1984-2014


Wonder Woman: Before and After

Wonder Woman is preparing for her big comeback soon and working on the next stage in her superhero evolution. With the changing role and positioning of female stars in modern culture, no doubt that she’s went through the biggest changes. At any case, Wonder Woman actresses, the original Lynda Carter and the future Gal Gadot are both strong, intelligent, beautiful women who inspire us. The outfit is an whole different story… Again, click it to enlarge or scroll down for more.

Superhero Evolution Womder Woman 1942-2014


Spider-Man Evolution

Spider-man’s journey started with a bite in 1939 and he’s been evolving ever since. Since he’s the only character with a 100% covering suite, his action scenes allow using computer animation for the entire body. This makes him a full cartoon even in the most recent films. As such, the superhero evolution is most significant in his suite. Notice the fabric changes? You need to click and enlarge the photo to see the differences.

Superhero Evolution Spider-Man 1962-2012


Batman Evolution

With anticipation to the Superman vs Batman movie, it’s clear that Batman’s evolution is still in progress. This superhero is becoming darker, stronger and bigger with time. From admiring his gadgets, we now follow his soul… And what’s next from Batman?

Superhero Evolution Batman 1939-2012


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Message from the editor: Dear professional fans, believe me I know. I know that Spider-man had many more versions in comics, TV and the big screen. I know that Superman had a black and white version. I know that even wonder women had more steps along the way. And yet, in our world today there are places to dive deep into details and there are places in which we look for a quicker view. It’s not necessarily bad. The quick view, with the major steps only, grabs much more attention, provokes interest and conversation, and then we can take it from there. OK?

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