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Do you live for Honor and Glory, Do you Feel Nostalgic Remembering your School Life Stories or Can you Accept Magneto as a Savior – Read All and More on Today’s Movies Briff

Live For Honor and Glory, More Than Wealth and Money.


Fighting for truth, justice and freedom. #TheMockingjayLives

The Hunger Games

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Harry Potter: School Life Stories

“Why is it when something happens, it is always you three?” – Professor Minerva McGonagall

“Believe me, Professor, I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years.” – Ron

Harry Potter

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Fast & Furious Team Are Eager For The Challenges?

Prepared for any shot, at any time. No matter what. #FF7

Fast & Furious

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Magical Moments

“You do have your moments, not many of them, but you have them.” – Princess Leia

Star Wars

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Out on Stores

Locked and loaded! Buy Transformers: Age of Extinction NOW on DIGITAL HD! https://j.mp/FacebookTFAOE #TRANS4MERS


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Ice Age: Iceberg is Their Boat

We are gonna need a bigger boat….I mean iceberg.


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Ancient Winged-Reptile Named From Avatar

Avatar continues to capture the imagination of the world as scientists in China name a newly discovered ancient winged-reptile the “ikrandraci avatar” after the flying creature of Pandora. https://bit.ly/1m8vp1R

Ancient Winged Reptile Avatar

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Fan Spotlight of How to Train Your Dragon

Watch out for those spikes! We love the detail in @jiji4north’s Astrid outfit. #DragonsFanSpotlight

How to Train Your Dragon

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Magneto: Villain or Savior?

Magneto is a dangerous criminal, but he may be the only way to save the world. Would you have set Magneto free if you were in Wolverine’s place? #XMen

Magneto X-Men Movies

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Do You Follow Kung Fu Panda About Parents?

Growing up is hard, but you never outgrow family.

Kung Fu Panda

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