Discover Who is Singing In Singapore and The Loving Pig of Miley Cyrus- Celebs Briff

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Want to Know The Latest on Will Smith, Muscle Building Motivation from Dwayne The Rock Johnson or The Value of Love – All and more on today’s Celebs Briff


Believe In The Divine Plan

Entender a vontade de Deus nem sempre é fácil, mas crer que ele está no comando e tem um plano pra nossa vida, faz a caminhada valer a pena !

Neymar Neymar Jr

Likes: 719,513+ | Shares: 12,435+ | Source: Neymar Jr.


Messi And Adidas, Both Are Ready for the UEFA Champions League


Preparándome para el primer partido de UEFA Champions League con los nuevos botines adizero f50 que llevaré esta temporada en Europa. ¡Un abrazo!
Getting ready for our first UEFA Champions League match with my new adidas Football #f50 boots. These are the ones I’ll be wearing in Europe this season. Hugs!

Messi Leo Messi

Likes: 351,427+ | Shares: 7,605+ | Source: Leo Messi


Vin Diesel: Fast & Furious


Vin Diesel

Likes: 1,014,321+ | Shares: 12,278+ | Source: Vin Diesel


Ludacris about Beyonce



Likes: 19,141+ | Shares: 2,186+ | Source: Ludacris


Justin Beiber Having Fun


Justin Beiber

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Love is Worth More Than Anything

Es necesario buscar el amor donde esté, aunque eso signifique horas, días, semanas de decepción y tristeza.

Paulo Coelho

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The Heart of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Is Back

From the set of Fresh Prince to the set of Big Sexy. Our homegirl Queen Latifah is back with a new season starting tomorrow. Check it out!

Will Smith

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Jennifer Lopez: Singing In Singapore Taking Selfie

Three lil singing birdies @therealpia @aphrodottie1 #singapore #lovethesegirls #theygotmyback #igottheirback #singinginsingapore

Jennifer Lopez

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Muscle Building Motivation For All

One day I’ll get the therapy I need. Until then…
Heavy iron fights the pain. And it’s cheaper than a shrink.
(my only drawback is f*cked up calloused hands..)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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Miley Cyrus Loving A Pig

sweet bb pig

Miley Cyrus

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