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Find out how we lose our values & it reflects in every sector, Comical Education, but try to see the inner meaning, humanity will flourish then or Get to know why life is war & how we fight to survive – all and many more interesting, shocking, educational, informative & full of ideas designed from Top Viral Pages in today’s Viral Briff


Rubbish Children’s Book Name, Values Gone

The creators of “Go The F*ck To Sleep” are back with a new children’s book giving voice to a long-suffering father whose indifferent child will just not eat.


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Show Your Strength, Change Your Society

November is National Adoption Month! And to get things started, here are some stunning photos of adoptive families, courtesy of our friends at The Huffington Post:


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Educational Comic, Seek Insight

Dumb Animals

I fucking love science

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Hilarious Mothers-Daughters, Wonderful To See

7 Mothers And Daughters Who Actually Look Like Twins

Stylish Eve

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Flawless Decision Making Saves Thousands

“I’m about to go to work. I’m an emergency room doctor and I work the 10 PM to 8 AM shift.”
“What’s been your proudest moment as a doctor?”
“Probably just the moment when I finally felt comfortable– it took about three years, and one day it just kinda clicked. Starting a shift in the emergency room is like the feeling before a giant battle in a movie like Braveheart or Lord of the Rings. You just have no idea what’s going to come through the door. Sometimes five serious cases can come in at the exact same time, and you have a lot of decisions to make, and you have to know exactly how long each procedure takes, and what can wait, and what can’t. I think my proudest moment was when I finally stopped feeling nervous, because I’d reached a level of experience where I could make the correct decisions without thinking about them.”

Humans of New York

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Amazing Design That Can Enrich Your Imagination

Strawberry Art ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Boring Really! Can’t Cross Your Wit

Friends who bring up embarrassing things you did a long time ago

Dude Perfect
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Life is War, Fight To Survive



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Influential Idea Implemented, Wonderful

This solar-powered glowing bike path in the Netherlands was inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night:

Bored Panda

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Seems Like She Can Fire With Fingers

I wouldn’t mess with her. No, ma’am.

George Takei

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