Trending Today: She Ieft Her Husband Home Alone, But When She Returned, She Didn’e Believe Her Eyes.

She Ieft Her Husband Home Alone, But When She Returned, She Didn’e Believe Her Eyes.

Roman Atwood  has one hobby in life, to prank his wife Brittany. Last time he did it, he “dropped” their son from the second floor, but after getting a lot of angry responses on the internet he decided to go this time for something a little more solid, and when we say solid, we mean in terms of a Roman.

In short, Roman had to stay one night with the kids and then could not find an appropriate activity to engage them, decided to make a huge ball pool house (why not, we say …). He rented a truck that will lead to his house hundreds of thousands of bullets and a trampoline (might as well have been) and a wonderful afternoon spent with the kids amused.

Everything was fine until Britney finally came home and saw the next play …

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This is the crazy clastic call prank


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