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Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance” – says the God in Bible. It is an important verse emphasizing on the understanding to get guidance. The bible doesn’t only stop in advising, it also equipped with many little epiphanies and smart ideas, in order to help us increase our understanding. We feel and experience many little situations and emotions which we don’t really care much to understand. However, sometimes we need guidance, and these smart and intelligent ideas are a good point to start.

Zombie Apocalypse Smart Ideas

Thanks to internet Smart Ideas

Space Day Smart Ideas

Police Shoe Light Smart Ideas

Naked Dog Life Smart Ideas

Missing Organ Smart Ideas

Microsoft Water Smart Ideas

Memory Creation Smart Ideas

Light Shadow Smart Ideas

Got rid of horse Smart Idea

Getting another teeth Smart Idea

Following Dog Smart Idea

First Word of the Year Smart Idea

Dog Named Me Smart Idea

Computer Breeding Human Smart Idea

Child born on Mars Smart Idea

Carnivorous Horses Smart Idea

Biggest Poo Smart Idea

Art and Music Smart Idea

Adult Childish Smart Idea

3D Printer Lego Set Smart Idea

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