Clever Logos that are fun to play with and understand

Can you see the hidden message in these clever logos?

Some logos are beautiful, some logos are ugly. Then there are some logos who are despite being beautiful, are also very intelligent. These logos either represents the name in a wonderful way, or give a short brief of what kind business they are involved in. These are the logos that we call a work of genius, doing what a logo does – introducing the business and attracting the customers in a smart and clever way. Just have a look and see whether you can understand the dual meaning. Don’t Forget to leave a comment to let us know how much you understood.

Yoga Australia Clever Logo

Vaio Clever Logo

Toblerone Clever Logo

The BRONX ZOO Clever Logos

Lion Bird Clever Logos

Le Tour de France Clever Logos

Hope for African Children Initiative Clever Logos

freedom Clever Logos

Flight Finder Clever Logos

FedEx Clever Logos

Eight Clever Logos

Ed's Electric Clever Logos

Code Fish Clever Logos

Circus of Magazines Clever Logos


Baskin Robbins Clever Logo

Bar Code Clever Logo

amazon Clever Logo

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