Travel Ideas possibly you never have Imagined

The earth looks more beautiful in these amazing illustrations

We all have that one friend who has done it all. If you are a traveler, the chance is that you have come across that guy who has traveled and seen it all. Next time you meet one of those guys, you will be equipped with proper resources. Today, we are presenting some of the most bizarre, but simply wonderful travel ideas to stop that friend from bluffing, as well as to be included in your bucket list. Let’s begin, then.


1. Tufa Pinnacles

Tufa Pinnacles Travel Ideas


2. Tsingy

Tsingy Travel Ideas


3. The Wave

The Wave Travel Ideas


4. The sliding stones

The sliding stones Travel Ideas


5. The Puente del Inca

The Puente del Inca Travel Ideas


6. The Peculiar Pinnacles

The Peculiar Pinnacles Travel Ideas


7. The Moeraki Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders Travel Ideas


8. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole Travel Ideas


9. The Champagne Pool

The Champagne Pool Travel Ideas


10. The Beauty Pool

The Beauty Pool Travel Ideas

The Beauty Pool 2 Travel Idea


11. Rainforest sinkhole

Rainforest sinkhole Travel Idea


12. Hiller Lake

Hiller Lake Travel Idea


13. Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock Travel Idea


14. Door to Hell

Door to Hell Travel Idea


15. Crater Lake

Crater Lake Travel Idea


16. Bryce Amphitheatre

Bryce Amphitheatre Travel Idea


17. Balls Pyramid

Balls Pyramid Travel Idea


18. Badwater Salt

Badwater Salt Flats Travel Idea

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