5 Funny Sexy T-Shirts

5 Funny Sexy T-Shirts

My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and I’m looking for good gift ideas. A funny sexy T-shirt always works well. Which one is the best?


Funny Sex Quotes on T-Shirts


#1: Education is IMPORTNAT, a great body is IMPORTANTER!

Funny Sexy T-Shirt 1 - Education is Important Great Body is Importanter


#2 On the Internet, I’m a 15 year old girl.

Funny Sexy T-Shirts 2 - Internet 15 year old girl


#3 Save a VIRGIN, do me instead.

Funny Sexy T-Shirts 3 - Save a virgin


#4 Are you looking at my ass?

Funny Sexy T-Shirt 4 - Are you looking at my ass


#5 I don’t need sex, the Government FUCKS me every day!

Funny Sexy T-Shirts 5 - Dont need sex


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