Horse Power – 21 vehicles that took it too literally


Horse Power – 21 vehicles that took it literally

Horse Power is a term used to measure the strength of a motor. How many horses would it take to create such power. But some people too this term a little too literally… Check out 21 hilarious photos – all from real life – with vehicle-animal hybrids. Cars and trucks pulled by a horse, donkey, camel and a cow… Funny, enjoy!

Vehicle-Animal Horse Power Hybrids


Yes, in the absence of a motor, a horse can pull a car. That’s true horse power!

Horse Power Car 2 - Horse Pulling Half Car

And if there’s no motor, why keep the front part? Take half a car and connect it to a horse.

Horse Power Car 2 - Horse Pulling Car


Sitting on a car, the horse does all the work. What a life.

Horse Power Car 3


Horse pulling my car, girl in the back, smile on my face.

Horse Power Car 4


For a fraction of a moment in history, horse power was a literal term. Take a look at this antique animal-car hybrid.

Horse Power Car 5 - Old Times


Anntique animal-car hybrids started a long time ago… It made sense.

Horse Power Car 6 - Antique


some parts of the world, this horse car connection comes natural.

Horse Power Car 7 - Half Car


This is less natural. The poor donkey needs to pull the car.

Donkey Car


Yep. Donkey Power! Ready for a race…

Horse Power Car 11 - Donkey Car


And if you can use a donkey to pull a car, why not many donkeys together?

Horse Power Car 12 - Donkey Carriage


Let’s take it to the extreme. This donkey is pulling a truck!

Horse Power Car 12 - Donkey Truck

Horse Power Car 12 - Two Donkies Pulling Car


Two donkeys, two guys, half a car.

Horse Power Car 13 - Donkey Truck Half Car



Horse Powered Car 15 - Cow Truck


BMW Donkey!

Horse Power Car 16 - BMW Donkey


If you have a horse car… Pimp the horse with some stereo speakers…

Horse Power Car 17 - Horse with Stereo Speakers


Bonus: Donkey license plate.

Horse Powered Car 18 - Donkey License


We had a horse pulling a car, donkey car and even cow truck. The next stage in hybrids is car camel power!

Horse Power Car 19 - Camel Power Car


Yes, the camel can easily carry this car.

Horse Powered Car 19 - Car on Camel


Some people are nicer to their donkey. They let the donkey sit in the car.

Horse Power Car 19 - Donkey in Car


Final Horse Power Bonus

Horse Power Car 20 - Horse Help


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