12 Short Lived Darlings of Rock Music: How Lennon, Elvis and Cobain would look like today?

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12 Short Lived Darlings of Rock Music: How they would have looked like in 2015

Age progression is a very effective way now-a-days. It is used to find the lost people. But most importantly, one can visualize their imagination with it. The rock music world has some very significant and multi talented, but short lived stars. Below here you can see how would they look if they were alive today. Beside their name, the number stating their current age if they were alive. It is awful that the world lost them at an early age, but imagination has no boundaries.

Elvis Presley, 80


Born: Jan. 8, 1935; Tupelo, Mississippi
Died: Aug. 16, 1977; Memphis, Tennessee
Regarded as “the King of Rock and Roll” and the symbol of rock culture in the 20th century. He was the main person leading eventually to “The Beatles.” He died at the age of 42.

Elvis Presley

Kurt Cobain, 47

Born: Feb. 20, 1967; Aberdeen, Washington
Died: April 8, 1994; Seattle, Washington
Founder Member of the grunge band Nirvana who was multi-talented. He was the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter for this band. He shot himself and died at the age of 27.

Kurt Cobain


Keith Moon, 68

Born: Aug. 23, 1946; London, England
Died: Sept. 7, 1978; London, England
Created reputation with his attractive drumming style and “bad boy” nature. He was a member of WHO and considered as the best drummer of all time. He died at the age of 32 by drug overdose.

Keith Moon


John Lennon, 74

Born: Oct. 9, 1940; Liverpool, England
Died: Dec. 8, 1980; New York, New York
Founder member of the most successful rock band “The Beatles.” His musics still inspiring people generation after generation. He was assassinated at the age of 40.

John Lennon


Mama Cass Elliot, 73

Born: Sept. 19, 1941; Baltimore, Maryland
Died: July 29, 1974′ London, England
Cass Elliot was a famous American singer who was successful with the Mamas and the Papas, as well as a solo artist. She died in her sleep at the age of 33.

Mama Cass Elliot


Jimi Hendrix, 72

Born: Nov. 27, 1942; Seattle, Washington
Died: Sept. 18, 1970; London, England
Possessed the shortest career span with great significance. His talent as a musician, guitarist, vocal and songwriter was incomparable, though he was best known as a guitarist. He died of drug overdose at the age of 27.

Jimi Hendrix


Bobby Darin, 78

Born: May 14, 1936
Died: Dec. 20, 1973; Los Angeles, California
Golden Globe winner as an actor, he started his career as a songwriter. He was famous as a musician first, then as an actor. He died at the age of 37.

Bobby Darin

Morrison, 71

Born: Dec. 8, 1943; Melbourne, Florida
Died: July 3, 1971; Paris, France
Most significant music icons of that time, Jim was a poet too. He was the lead vocalist of The Doors. He died at the age of 27.

Jim Morrison


Janis Joplin, 72

Born: Jan. 19, 1943; Port Arthur, Texas
Died: Oct. 4, 1970; Los Angeles, California
Singer from the late 60’s, who made her presence known as a band member and as a solo artist. She died at the age of 27.

Janis Joplin


Karen Carpenter, 64

Born: March 2, 1950; New Haven, Connecticut
Died: Feb. 4, 1983; Downey, California
Founder member of the famous band The Carpenters, Karen was a singer and a drummer. Eating disorder was the reason for her death at the age of 32.

Karen Carpenter

Marley, 70

Born: Feb. 6, 1945; Saint Ann, Jamaica
Died: May 11, 1981; Miami, Florida
Famous for taking sides with the poor and struggling people and spoke the words for them. He dreamt to change the world but he died at the age of 36.

Bob Marley

Dennis Wilson, 70

Born: Dec. 4, 1944; Unknown location
Died: Dec. 28, 1983, Marina Del Rey, California
Dennis Formed The Beach Boys with his brother and a cousin. He showed his excellence as a drummer, singer and a songwriter. He died at the age of 39.

Dennis Wilson


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