Newborn Photo Ideas – Be Creative

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Newborn Photo Ideas: Inspiration

Congratulations! You are happy with a new baby and just have to take the best ever photos. Need some inspiration? Here are some creative ideas.

1. Baby hands. They will grow…

Newborn Photo Ideas - Hands


2. Heart shaped hands and baby feet

Newborn Photo Ideas - Hands and Feet


3. Wedding rings are photogenic with the newborn

Newborn Photo Ideas - Feet and Rings


4. Remember when Baby was just an ultrasound snapshot?

Newborn Photo - Baby with Ultrasound


5. Focus the photo on the fingers. They too will grow fast…

Newborn Photo Ideas - Fingers


6. Put the details into the frame

Newborn Photo Ideas - Details


7. Try the double kiss baby photo

New Baby Photo Ideas - Double Kiss


8. Newborn photos? Gotta have at least one with a teddy bear

Newborn Photo Ideas - Teddy


9. Teddy take two

Newborn Photo Ideas - Teddy Bear


10. Parents are allowed, in fact – welcomed!

Newborn Photo Ideas - Parents


11. Pose the baby, but not too much

New Baby Photo Ideas - Posing


12. A baby foot can be so adorable…

New Born Photo Ideas - Foot in hands


13. What the white stork dropped here
Newborn Photo Ideas - baby in a bag


14. Sit, baby, sit

New Baby Photo Ideas - baby sitting in hands


15. Close up on anything, the baby is perfect

Newborn Photo Ideas - lips closeup


16. Be patient, you can catch at least half a smile

Newborn Photo Ideas - half smile


17. Are you hands so big or is it the baby being small?

Photo Ideas - Newborn with Big Hands


18. Show your love, not only to the baby – to one another

Newborn Photo Ideas - couple


19. Place the baby on top of the father… perfect

Newborn Photo Ideas - baby on father


20. Breastfeeding is one of the strongest moments. You will miss it. Take a photo, at least one which you can show to others later in life

Newborn Photo Ideas 23 mother


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Newborn Photos go Viral

We all love sharing photos of young babies and so they go viral all over the social web with thousands of likes and shares. The photos in this post were found on Pinterest and we will be more than happy to give detailed credit to the owners. Please contact us with the details, and congrats!

Here at, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you the best of the best, like this viral briff with ideas for newborn photos that we edited. Want to get more posts like this on Facebook? Please like the Facebook page.



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