Jump Rope GoPro Video – This girl reinvented jumping

Jump Rope GoPro Video

This young athlete, Liza Maman, attached a GoPro camera to her jump rope and created an original video that will make your head spin! After watching it twice, scroll down to see some photos. It helps grasp what’s going on. And then, there are few links to other great extreme videos. Enjoy!


This girl reinvented jumping in a 15-seconds video

This type of video reminds us what makes GoPro videos so interesting. They give a whole new angle to things we’ve been doing for year. This girl actually reinvented jump rope and gave it a new meaning. I’m sure that after this video goes viral – and it will! – thousands of young girls and boys will try their own versions.


Photos of the Jump Rope GoPro Video

Jump Roap GoPro Video 1

Jump Roap GoPro Video Hot Girl

Jump Roap GoPro Video 3 Blue Sky

Jump Roap GoPro Video 4 Nike

Jump Roap GoPro Video 5 Boobs

Jump Roap GoPro Video 6 Hot Girl


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